Staple fibers

Bedding industry


From 3D to 15D

OEKO TEX Class I, Dtox 6 certified


Finish: dry, silicon touch, harsh touch, semi-harsh;

Denier: From 3 denier up to 40 denier;

Cut length from 28 mm to 76 mm

Denier: from 3 denier up to 25 denier;

Cut length from 28 mm to 76 mm

Black, grey, green, beige colors, mixed.

Cut length from 28 mm to 76 mm

White, Black, grey, green colors



Microfiber 0.7 to 0.9 denier

Automotive industry

Fabrics for home textile

  • Fabrics for home textile, eco friendly, sustainable, OEKO TEX certified
  • Microfibre fabric from 60 gsm to 90 gsm in opt. white or OB free

Spunbond nonwovens

The world’s top level quality spunbond nonwovens developed with the most advanced technology

We supply SMS, SMMS and composite fiber spunbond in Europe and open up a new nonwoven fabric market, built cooperation system for interaction and information exchange with customers. High quality  branded spunbond nonwoven structured into advanced material – light, soft and eco-friendly is used for sanitation materials, medical, industrial and agricultural applications